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MBBS in Egypt

Dear Student

This is your first real choice to study medicine. You have to do your best to study and practice in order to excel. Medicine is a noble mission based on very special ethics and behaviours aiming at welfare of mankind.

Studying in foreign universities is one of the best decisions a student can take, while taking the decisions for selecting the best country to study is a real challenge. It’s a matter great joy that HOPE CONSULTANTS stands with you as a companion to support you and suggest the best options to choose from within your budget and keeping in view your preferences and abilities. Among the whole gamut of options like CHINA, PHILIPPINES, BANGLADESH, RUSSIA, SOUTH AMERICA this year we have a surprize wild card entry of the best among the rest. Introducing “EGYPT -THE KING OF MEDICAL EDUCATION.


  • We are the ONLY South Asian Representative for EGYPT medical Universities
  • We directly process admission in Egypt
  • Directly Authorised from Medical college of the Cairo University to process all legal documents and student Visa Processing.

Want To Be A Good Doctor? Why You Must Choose Egypt?

What Is So Different About Egypt From The Other Countries?

  • State of art infrastructure;
  • Hand-picked world class faculty
  • English is the medium of study and instruction during the entire course
  • The cherry on the cake is the ultimate hands on training from third year onwards which no other country offers.
  • MBBS graduates from Egypt are doing best in reputed hospitals all over world.
  • The climate, study environment and cost of living almost similar to India.
  • Globally recognised and standard curriculum
  • Affordable cost and course free
  • 239 in World ranking
  • Best infrastructure
  • High patients flow in 5000 bedded University’s own 9 hospitals
  • University is teaching MBBS in four language English, French, German and Arabic
  • Clinical rotations are available in 21 countries like USA , UK, Canada , Germany ,India ,and many more
  • Attractive job offers. *After MBBS from Cairo University students will get direct job in Saudi Arabia
  • After MBBS from Cairo University students will get direct PG in Germany
Major Attractions and Benefits
  • Earn while you learn.
  • Get monthly salary while doing internship
  • Hassle Free Visa Processing.
  • Safe and secure study environment for both male and female students.
  • Separate hostels for boys and girls
  • Swimming pool, Basket ball ground, Jogging track and cafeteria in the hostel campus
  • NEET Score required from 2019 for MBBS in EGYPT
  • 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology with aggregate 7GPA/ 65-70%
  • Age 17 years minimum on 31st December 2018

You are among the few gems Chosen for the great path . Choose wisely and get set to actualize your dreams in Egypt. The culture, environment , food, and exotic buildings, pyramids of Giza and the longest river in the world, Nile will capture your heart during your stay. Taking a long walk after your hectic day in the university will rejuvenate you from within. As the campus is situated on the banks of Nile a panoramic view of the river will catch your innermost feelings.

Why is the MBBS Curriculum of Egypt so appreciated?

The medical curriculum is the best from the rest for the MCQ( Multiple Choice Questions) pattern adopted for all year end examinations. You will be prepared for the MCI exit exams , USMLE, PLAB,UAE Medical licence examination after your MBBS study just from the day you enrol as a first year MBBS student in Egypt. The MCQ pattern is a very unique feature that distinguishes the Egyptian education from the rest of the medical colleges of the world.

Know Your University in Detail :


Kasr Al Ainy Medical School, the largest and oldest medical Institute in the Middle East. It was established in year 1827, along 180 years thousands of doctors graduated and millions of Patients were treated. The name of Kasr El Ainy will always mean treatment of poor patients; famous graduates spreading all over raising its name. Among millions of universities worldwide, 2018 Cairo is ranked in 239 for Life Sciences and Medicine. The fee of Cairo is also affordable i.e. 6,000 US$ per year. Since its establishment it has been committed on providing the quality education through theory and practical knowledge and preparing students for the challenge of rapidly changing workplace. The faculty has been founded in 1827. It comprises about 35 sections in different medical specializations. Number of studying years of the faculty is five years as well as the training year, concession period. English is the language of studying. The faculty grants Bachelor, Post-Graduate Diploma, Master, and Doctorate degrees. Through various new information technologies and Interactive learning, the graduates can confidently enter the work force with needed skills to survive in today’s global marketplace. It is a Government Medical College with highest number of patients flow. Meeting the world standard Cairo University is recognized by WHO,ECFMG,WFME,MCI ,NMC ,BDMC, MMC as well.

This giant Medical Institute Constitutes nine university hospitals, more than five thousand beds, more than ten Thousand clerks; and more than three thousand staff members. The hospitals accept more than 1.5 million patients every year.


  • QS World University Ranking #521-530th
  • QS WUR by Subject ranking #101-150th
  • Arab Region Rankings #11th
  • Graduate employability ranking #251-300th
  • Impact Ranking: Good Health and Wee- Being for People 2019 #201-300th


The program aims to provide high-quality education with full academic supervision of the students and continuous evaluation of students performance. The program is characterized by the Integrated courses at both the horizontal and vertical levels, Introductory courses to their clinical study, that begin at the first stage of the educational program. In addition to the existence of elective courses that allow students study the principles of administrative science, risk management, medical ethics, leadership skills as well as different languages and human sciences that have a close relationship to the educational program and will be practiced by the graduate in his career. The Program includes e-learning.




  • To Develop an outstanding and honourable primary care physician, who follows medical ethics and is ready for lifelong learning.
  • To train a Professional, specialized graduate able to conduct research and apply national and international standards of medical care.
  • To serve the community through enhancing specialized projects which share in solving national health problems.


Faculty of Medicine Cairo University is internationally recognized as a centres of quality education with highly skilled graduates, delivering excellent medical and health services to the community and contributing to advanced medical research.

  • To prepare highly efficient doctors committed to provide ethical , humanistic and compassionate patient care
  • To prepare graduates for a career of constantly changing knowledge and expertise who are ready for continued medical education
  • To train graduates with high professional skills who are to apply national and international health care standards
  • To train graduates with high communication skills and commitment to educating the medical and the general community
  • To prepare doctors who can conduct various scientific researches and can address local and national problems through a systematic and scientific approach
  • To serve the community through the promotion of specialized projects that contribute to the solution of national and global health problems


Cairo University College seeks to achieve four main objectives are as follows:

  1. Raise the efficiency of the educational process altogether.
  2. Develop the system of postgraduate and support scientific research.
  3. The development of community service and work to achieve community satisfaction.
  4. Improve the institutional capacity of the College


HOPE CONSULTANTS will do its best to guide you to modern medical education applying recent learning resources to help you to excel in the rapidly progressing world. Again you are welcome among our family and God bless you.

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